PuraVida [poo-da-vee-da]

Directly translated it means “pure life”. It can also translate as “nothing but life” which is a closer translation as it is a way of life… to live life carefree and enjoy the pleasures of life. People that live by pura vida live longer.

Our Mission
To create wholesome, pure, clean food that is better for you, nutritious and delicious. Food that is an experience to eat. Food that makes life better because it is so amazingly good….. PuraVida Foods…..PuraVida Life
Our Story

We set out to revolutionize food by rethinking the way food is made. Food by definition is nutrients and energy for the body. When we started, we asked key questions like “how do real foods contribute to a healthy body and a healthy life?... what foods and food ingredients lead to an unhealthy body or poor health?... how can real food heal the body and enhance ones’ life?”. The simple questions that every food company, food creator, and every chef should be asking. So, at PuraVida we create foods that nourish the body, using ingredients that you can actually pronounce, packed full of nutrients and natural vitamins. We believe in enjoying food the way we enjoy life, always to the fullest. PuraVida... The Power of Food.

Gluten Free
No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Preservatives
The PuraVida Difference

Our team of talented chefs and culinary creators focus on crafting minimally processed, convenient foods that are trend forward and easy to prepare unique creations that look amazing…fresh, crisp, clean, vibrant and all natural. We never use preservatives. Our creations are plant based when we can, always ethically sourced, organic when possible, vegan if we can, never bioengineered and we never compromise on flavor! We create dishes inspired by the diverse culinary flavors and textures of the world and we use proprietary preparation techniques and our own unique processes to create foods that are different, foods that you will be proud to serve to your friends and family.

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