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Fire Roasted Vegetables

our fire roasted vegetables are flame grilled to perfection and cryogenically frozen for ultimate freshness. enjoy the convenience of a farm-to-table experience without all prep. they are vibrant and crunchy, delivering the essence of a backyard grill in under 5 minutes.


our lifebowls make dining convenient and nutritious. served in an eco-friendly bowl, each lifebowl is packed with an abundance of nutrient-rich veggies, grains & rices and tossed in a sauce to create an effortlessly easy grab-and-enjoy meal.

Ancient Grains & Specialty Rices

our ancient grains & specialty rices are globally inspired by flavors from around the world. they are fully enrobed in sauce, and come in easy microwavable packaging, making them the accompaniment to any meal.


our kidslife bowls are familiar favorites kids love, secretly packed with hidden veggies for an added nutritional punch. designed specifically with children’s nutrition in mind, mealtime just became a breeze.