our mission is to empower you to make healthier and tastier choices effortlessly, so you can live a more vibrant and balanced life.

Born out of a simple yet profound realization – the world needs a better way to eat.

Meet Lauren!

As a health-conscious, busy individual, who did not enjoy spending hours in the kitchen, Lauren wanted convenient, delicious, and nutrient-rich food options that seamlessly fit into her hectic schedule. Her search for quick and easy choices that fed both her body and her taste buds proved to be difficult to find. If it was healthy, it didn’t always taste good, and if it tasted good, it wasn’t always the healthiest. PuraVida Foods emerged with a mission to fill this gap in the market. We are on a journey to transform the way food is made, providing products that are made with ingredients you can actually pronounce, packed full of nutrients and vitamins, but most importantly, taste really delicious. We are determined to rekindle the confidence of consumers in their ability to discover products that truly align with their values and priorities when it comes to nourishing themselves and their families. We believe in enjoying food the way we enjoy life, always to the fullest!

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